Pine Barrens Plant Identification Key

Pine Barrens Plant Identification Key -

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Quick Instructions:
1.   pick one obvious, absolute plant characteristic
2.   use <Control>+<F> to find that characteristic using a keyword
3.   mark that characteristic 'Y' and press a <Process> button
4.   do steps 1 thru 3 again with the next characteristic repeatedly until done

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Y N Plants of the Pine Barrens
     Y N Non-Flowering Plants (Ferns and Fern Allies)
          Y N Ferns
               Y N Frond-Persistence
                    Y N Fern is NOT Evergreen
                    Y N Fern is Evergreen
               Y N Fern-Spores
                    Y N Spores on Structures which look like Fern Fronds
                    Y N Spores on Structures which do NOT look like Fern Fronds
                         Y N Spores on Cinnamon Colored Stalk/Bunch of Stalks in Center of Crown
                         Y N Spores Not on Fronds, Not on Cinnamon Colored Stalk/Bunch of Stalks in Center of Crown
               Y N Fern-Sori
                    Y N Sori (Spore Cases) Not Round
                    Y N Sori (Spore Cases) Round
               Y N Frond-Type
                    Y N Irregular Fern Fronds
                         Y N Fronds Like Curled Grass Leaves
                              Y N Fronds like Curled Grass, Curly Grass Fern Schizaea_pusilla (characteristic list)
                    Y N Regular Fern Fronds (Plant is Readily Recognizable as Being a Fern)
                         Y N Frond Pinnae(Leaflets) Lobed or Toothed
                         Y N Frond Pinnae(Leaflets) NOT Lobed or Toothed
                         Y N Bottom Pair of Pinnae Point Towards Ground
                         Y N Bottom Pair of Pinnae Are Level
                         Y N Frond Mainstem Winged
                         Y N Frond Mainstem NOT Winged
                         Y N Single Fronds Grow From Separated Points Along the Root
                              Y N Stem Splits into Three Fronds 6-15 Inches Above Soil
                                   Y N Bracken Fern Pteridium_aquilinum (characteristic list)
                              Y N Stem From Ground becomes a Single Frond
                                   Y N Twice Cut Running Fronds
                                        Y N Marsh Fern Dryopteris_thelypteris (characteristic list)
                                        Y N Bog or Massachusetts Fern Dryopteris_simulata (characteristic list)
                                        Y N Virginia Chain Fern Woodwardia_virginica (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Once Cut Running Fronds
                                        Y N Sensitive Fern Onoclea_sensibilis (characteristic list)
                                        Y N Netted or Narrow-leaved Chain-fern Woodwardia_areolata (characteristic list)
                         Y N Multiple Fronds Grow From a Crown (many stems growing from the same point)
                              Y N Once Cut Fronds on Crowned Plant
                                   Y N Royal Fern Osmunda_regalis (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Ebony Spleenwort Asplenium_platyneuron (characteristic list)
                              Y N Twice Cut Fronds on Crowned Plant
                                   Y N Cinnamon Fern Osmunda_cinnamomea (characteristic list)
          Y N Fern Allies (Horsetails & Club-mosses)
               Y N Horsetails
                    Y N Common Horsetail Equisetum_arvense (characteristic list)
               Y N Club-Mosses
                    Y N Club-moss Cone Larger Diameter Than A Wooden Pencil
                         Y N Fox-tail Club-moss Lycopodium_alopecuroides (characteristic list)
                    Y N Club-moss Cone Smaller Diameter Than A Wooden Pencil
                         Y N Bog Club-moss Lycopodium_inundatum (characteristic list)
                    Y N Stem of Fertile Cone is sparsly populated with Leaves
                         Y N Carolina Club-moss Lycopodium_carolinianum (characteristic list)
                    Y N Stem of Fertile Cone is well covered with Leaves
                         Y N Club-moss Leaves Slightly Toothed Near Base
                         Y N Club-moss Leaves Distinctly Toothed
     Y N Flowering Plants (Trees, Shrubs, Wild Flowers, Weeds & All other Vascular Plants except for Ferns & Fern-allies)
          Y N Flowers
               Y N Flowers Inconspicious and/or Lacking Petals
                    Y N Flowers are Hanging Catkins
               Y N Flowers Are Conspicious
                    Y N Petal-Info
                         Y N Simple-Flowers
                              Y N Bilateral-Simple
                                   Y N Pea-Like-Flowers
                              Y N Petals-Inconspicuous
                              Y N Simple Tubular and Lipped Flowers
                                   Y N Tube or Bell Corolla Ending in 6 Lobes
                                   Y N Tube or Bell Corolla Ending as 2 Lobes
                                   Y N Tube or Bell Corolla Ending as 4 Lobes
                                   Y N Tube or Bell Corolla Ending as 5 Lobes
                              Y N Flowers with Separated Petals
                                   Y N Number of Petals
                                        Y N 5 Petals
                                        Y N 6 Petals
                                        Y N More than 6 Petals
                                        Y N 3 Petals
                                        Y N 4 Petals
                         Y N Composite-Flowers
                              Y N Ligulate Composites, All Ray or Strap Shaped Flowers (Dandelion,Hawkweed)
                              Y N Radiate Composites, Both Ray & Disk Flowers (Aster,Daisy,Sunflwr,Goldenrod)
                                   Y N Aster Flowers
                                   Y N Goldenrod Flowers Group
                                        Y N Goldenrod Wandlike - Cluster is Vertical 'Spike' at Tip
                                        Y N Goldenrod Plume - Cluster is Horizontal 'Feathers' near Tip
                                        Y N Goldenrod Flat-topped - Flat-topped Cluster at Tip
                    Y N Flower/Apparent Flower Symmetry
                         Y N Flowers/Apparent Flowers Radially Symmetrical (Flowers Are Round)
                         Y N Flowers/Apparent Flowers Bilaterally Symmetrical (Flowers Are Two Sided)
                    Y N Flower-Color
                         Y N One-Color-Flowers
                              Y N Purple-Flowers
                                   Y N Stiff-leaved Aster Aster_linariifolius (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Rose Pogonia/Snakemouth Pogonia_ophioglossoides (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Grass Pink Calopogon_pulchellus (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Arethusa Arethusa_bulbosa (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Tick-trefoils or Stick-tights Desmondium_spp (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Wand-like Bush-clover Lespedeza_intermedia (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Nuttall's Milkwort Polygala_nuttallii (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Cross-leaved Milkwort Polygala_cruciata (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Short-leaved Milkwort Polygala_brevifolia (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Birdfoot Violet Viola_pedata (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Swamp Loosestrife Decodon_verticillatus (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Meadow-beauty Rhexia_virginica (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Pine-barren Gentain Gentiana_autumnalis (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Chaffseed Schwalbea_americana (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Hairy Blazing-star Liatris_graminifolia (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Wavy-leaved Aster Aster_undulatus (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Late Purple Aster Aster_patens (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Silvery Aster Aster_concolor (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Showy Aster Aster_spectabilis (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Bushy Aster Aster_dumosus (characteristic list)
                                   Y N New York Aster Aster_novi_belgii (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Slender Aster Aster_gracilis (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Bog Aster Aster_nemoralis (characteristic list)
                              Y N Blue-Flowers
                                   Y N Eastern Blue-eyed Grass Sisyrinchium_atlanticum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Slender Blue Flag Iris_prismatica (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Wild Lupine Lupinus_perennis (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Bluecurls or Bastard Pennyroyal Trichostema_dichotomum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Narrow-leaved Bluecurls Trichostema_setaceum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Blue or Old-field Toadflax Linaria_canadensis (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Canby's Lobelia Lobelia_canbyi (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Nuttall's Lobelia Lobelia_nuttallii (characteristic list)
                              Y N Green-Flowers
                                   Y N Green Woodland Orchis Habenaria_clavellata (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Bastard or Star Toadflax Comandra_umbellata (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Wild Ipecac or Ipecac-Spurge Euphorbia_ipecacuanhae (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Blunt-leaved Milkweed Asclepias_amplexicaulis (characteristic list)
                              Y N Orange-Flowers
                                   Y N Turk's-cap Lily Lilium_superbum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Orange Milkwort Polygala_lutea (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Butterfly-weed Asclepias_tuberosa (characteristic list)
                              Y N Pink-Flowers
                                   Y N Swamp-pink Helonias_bullata (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Pink Lady's-slipper/Moccasin-flower Cypripedium_acaule (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Jointweed Polygonella_articulata (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Goat's-rue Tephrosia_virginiana (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Marsh St. John's-wort Hypericum_virginicum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Maryland Meadow-beauty Rhexia_mariana (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Spreading Dogbane Apocynum_androsaemifolium (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Pine-barren Gerardia Gerardia_racemulosa (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Bristle-leaved or Thread-leaved Gerardia Gerardia_setacea (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Rattlesnake-root or Lion's-foot Prenanthes_serpentaria (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Pine-barrens or Slender Rattlesnake-root Prenanthes_autumnalis (characteristic list)
                              Y N Red-Flowers
                                   Y N Thyme-leaved Pinweed Lechea_minor (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Oblong-fruited Pinweed Lechea_racemulosa (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Fireweed or Great Willow-herb Epilobium_augustifolium (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Red Milkweed Asclepias_rubra (characteristic list)
                              Y N White-Flowers
                                   Y N Dodder Cuscuta_spp (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Pickering Morning-glory Breweria_pickeringii (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Turkeybeard Xerophyllum_asphodeloides (characteristic list)
                                   Y N False Asphodel Tofieldia_racemosa (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Colicroot Aletris_farinosa (characteristic list)
                                   Y N White Fringed Orchis Habenaria_blephariglottis (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Little Ladies-tresses Spiranthes_tuberosa (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Jagged Ladies-tresses Spiranthes_laciniata (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Nodding Ladies-tresses Spiranthes_cernua (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Pine-barren Sandwort Arenaria_caroliniana (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Hairy Bush-clover Lespedeza_hirta (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Narrow-leaved Bush-clover Lespedeza_angustifolia (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Lance-leaved Violet Viola_lanceolata (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Primrose-leaved Violet Viola_primulifolia (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Slender-leaved Cowbane Oxypolis_rigidior (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Indian-pipe Monotropa_uniflora (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Star-flower Trientalis_borealis (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Lance-leaved Sabatia Sabatia_difformis (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Indian-Hemp Apocynum_cannabinum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Mountain-Mint Pycnanthemum_verticillatum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Sessile-leaved Bugleweed or Water-Horehound Lycopus_amplectens (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Cow-wheat Melampyrum_lineare (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Pine-barren Bedstraw Galium_pilosum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Rough Buttonweed Diodia_teres (characteristic list)
                                   Y N White Boneset Eupatorium_album (characteristic list)
                                   Y N White-bracted Boneset Eupatorium_leucolepis (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Hyssop-leaved Boneset Eupatorium_hyssopifolium (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Rough Boneset Eupatorium_pilosum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Hairy Boneset Eupatorium_pubescens (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Round-leaved Boneset Eupatorium_rotundifolium (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Pine-barren Boneset Eupatorium_resinosum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Catfoot or White or Sweet Everlasting Gnaphalium_obtusifolium (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Purple Cudweed Gnaphalium_purpureum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N White Goldenrod or Silverrod Solidago_bicolor (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Toothed White-topped Aster Sericocarpus_asteroides (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Narrow-leaved White-topped Aster Sericocarpus_linifolius (characteristic list)
                              Y N Yellow-Flowers
                                   Y N Bog Asphodel Narthecium_americanum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Pine-barren Bellwort Uvularia_pudica (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Redroot Lachnanthes_tinctoria (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Yellow Stargrass Hypoxis_hirsuta (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Golden-crest Lophiola_americana (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Yellow Fringed Orchis Habenaria_ciliaris (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Crested Yellow Orchis Habenaria_cristata (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Southern Yellow Orchis Habenaria_integra (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Wild Indigo Baptisia_tinctoria (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Pencil-flower Stylosanthes_biflora (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Yellow Flax Linum_intercursum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Ridged Yellow Flax Linum_striatum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N St. Peter's-wort Ascyrum_stans (characteristic list)
                                   Y N St. Andrew's Cross Ascyrum_hypericoides (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Coppery St. John's-wort Hypericum_denticulatum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Canada St. John's-wort Hypericum_canadense (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Orange-grass or Pineweed Hypericum_gentianoides (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Frostweed Helianthemum_canadense (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Globe-fruited Ludwigia Ludwigia_sphaerocarpa (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Common Evening-primrose Oenothera_biennis (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Cut-leaved Evening-primrose Oenothera_laciniata (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Pinesap Monotropa_hypopithys (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Upright Bartonia Bartonia_virginica (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Twining Batronia Bartonia_paniculata (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Horsemint Monarda_punctata (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Golden Hedge-hyssop Gratiola_aurea (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Downy False Foxglove Gerardia_virginica (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Fern-leaved False Foxglove Gerardia_pedicularia (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Yellow or Swamp-loosestrife or Swamp-candles Lysimachia_terrestris (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Maryland Golden Aster Chrysopsis_mariana (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Sickle-leaved Golden Aster Chrysopsis_falcata (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Downy Goldenrod Solidago_puberula (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Slender Goldenrod Solidago_erecta (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Wand-like Goldenrod Solidago_stricta (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Swamp Goldenrod Solidago_uliginosa (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Field or Gray Goldenrod Solidago_nemoralis (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Fragrant Goldenrod Solidago_odora (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Pine-barren Goldenrod Solidago_fistulosa (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Slender-leaved Goldenrod Solidago_tenuifolia (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Woodland Sunflower Helianthus_divaricatus (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Slender-leaved Tickseed-Sunflower or Beggar-ticks Bidens_coronata (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Dwarf Dandelion Krigia_virginica (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Vein-leaved Hawkweed or Rattlesnake-weed Hieracium_venosum (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Hairy Hawkweed Hieracium_gronovii (characteristic list)
                         Y N Two-Color-Flowers
                              Y N WhiteYellow-Flowers
                                   Y N Rose-colored Tickseed Coreopsis_rosea (characteristic list)
                              Y N RedYellow-Flowers
                              Y N YellowBrown-Flowers
                                   Y N Narrow-leaved Sunflower Helianthus_angustifolius (characteristic list)
                              Y N YellowBlack-Flowers
                              Y N PinkYellow-Flowers
                    Y N Flower/Apparent Flower Groups
                         Y N Flowers/Apparent Flowers in Ones or Twos
                              Y N Flowers/Apparent Flowers Occur Singly
                         Y N Flowers/Apparent Flowers grouped together in a cluster
                              Y N Flowers/Apparent Flowers in a rosette around the stem
                              Y N Flowers/Apparent Flowers occur in Terminal Clusters
                                   Y N Flowers grouped together in a terminal cluster all emanating from a single point
                                   Y N Flowers in a Raceme or Spike, a dense cluster at the top of a spike
                                        Y N Flowers grouped together in a ball-like cluster
                                        Y N Cylindric-Raceme
                    Y N Flower-Shape
                         Y N Flower like Hanging Bell
                    Y N Flower/Apparent Flower Size
                         Y N Flower/Apparent Flower 2 Inches or Larger
                         Y N Flower/Apparent Flower 1/2 Inch or Larger
                         Y N Flower/Apparent Flower Less Than 1/2 Inch
                              Y N Flower/Apparent Flower less than a quarter inch
                                   Y N Flower/Apparent Flower Tiny
                              Y N Flower/Apparent Flower less than half and more than a quarter inch
                    Y N Flower-Location
                         Y N Flowers Located at Branch Ends
                         Y N Flowers Located in Leaf Axils
          Y N Fruit
               Y N Fruit Characteristic Group
                    Y N Fruit-Inconspicuous
                    Y N Fruit-Conspicuous
                         Y N Fruit-Persistence
                              Y N Fruit-Persists-Into-Winter
                         Y N Fruit-Color
                              Y N Fruit-Blue-Black
                              Y N Fruit-Red
                              Y N Fruit-Blue
                              Y N Fruit-Bluish-White
                         Y N Fruit-Structure
                              Y N Fruit-Fleshy
                                   Y N Fruit-Berries
                              Y N Fruit-Nuts
                                   Y N Fruit-Burlike-Nut
                                   Y N Fruit-Acorns
                                   Y N Fruit-Waxy-Nutlets
                              Y N Fruit-Seeds
                                   Y N Seed pods are like Pea Pods or Green Beans
                                   Y N Winged-Seeds
                                   Y N Persistent-Seed-Pods
                                        Y N Hitch-Hiking-Seeds
                                             Y N Two-Prong-Hitch-Hiking-Seeds
                                        Y N Persistent-Hanging-Seed-Balls
                              Y N Fruit-Cones
                                   Y N Pine-Cones
                                   Y N Fruit-Conelike
                                        Y N Fruit-Berrylike-Cone
          Y N Leaves
               Y N Leaf-Arrangement
                    Y N Opposite Leaves
                    Y N Alternate Leaves
                    Y N Whorled Leaves
                    Y N Basal Leaves
                         Y N Basal Rosette of Leaves
               Y N Leaf-Composition
                    Y N Leaves-Absent
                    Y N Needle-like or Scale-like Leaves
                         Y N Needles/Scales Not in Groups
                         Y N Needles in Groups of 3
                         Y N Needles in Groups of 2 or 3
                         Y N Needles in Groups of 2
                    Y N Blade-Leaves
                         Y N Leaf-Shape
                              Y N Leaves Small & Scalelike
                              Y N Leaves Triangle
                              Y N Leaves Oval
                                   Y N Leaf-Extended-Oval
                                   Y N Leaves Oblong
                                        Y N Leaf-Elliptical
                                             Y N Leaf-Egg-Shaped
                              Y N Leaves Lancolate
                                   Y N Leaves Spear Point Shaped
                              Y N Leaves long and narrow, grass-like
                              Y N Leaves Significantly Lobed Compound
                              Y N Leaf-Aspect-Ratio
                                   Y N Leaf-Longer-Than-Wide
                                        Y N Leaf Length is Ten or More Times Width
                                        Y N Leaf Length is Twice Width
                                        Y N Leaf Length is Three Times Width
                                        Y N Leaf Length is Four to Five Times Width
                                        Y N Leaf Length is Six to Nine Times Width
                                   Y N Leaf-As-Wide-As-Long
                                        Y N Leaf Length Equals Width
                              Y N Leaf-Tip-Shape
                                   Y N Leaf-Tip-Group
                                        Y N Leaf-Tip-Pointed
                                        Y N Leaf-Tip-Rounded
                              Y N Leaf-Base-Shape
                                   Y N Leaf Base Group
                                        Y N Leaf Base Absent
                                             Y N Leaf Base Clasps Stem
                                        Y N Leaf Base Angles In Toward Leaf Stalk
                                        Y N Leaf Base Rounds In Toward Leaf Stalk
                                        Y N Leaf-Base-Indented
                                        Y N Leaf-Base-Flat
                              Y N Leaf-Taper
                                   Y N Leaf-Widest-Near-Center
                                   Y N Leaf-Widest-Near-Base
                                   Y N Leaf-Widest-Near-Tip
                                        Y N Leaves Widest Opposite Stem
                         Y N Edge of the Leaf
                              Y N Edge of Leaflet has Spines
                              Y N Leaf Edge Smooth (NOT Toothed or Serrated)
                              Y N Leaf Edge Toothed or Serrated
                                   Y N Leaf Edge Toothed or Serrated only at Tip
                                   Y N Leaf Edge Toothed or Serrated only at Base
                                   Y N Upper Leaves Edge Toothed or Serrated
                                   Y N Wavy Leaf Edge
                                        Y N Wavy Leaf Edge but only Near Leaf Tip
                              Y N Leaf-Lobes
                                   Y N Leaves are Simple (NOT Compound)
                                        Y N Leaves are NOT Lobed
                                        Y N Leaves ARE lobed
                                             Y N Leaf-Finely-Divided
                                             Y N Leaf Lobes rounded Hills and Valleys
                                                  Y N Mitten Shaped Leaves with 1, 2 or 0 'thumbs'
                                             Y N Leaf Lobes sharp Points and Vees
                                                  Y N Terminal Lobe Extended Typically With Three Points
                                   Y N Leaves Are Compound or Divided
                                        Y N 3-Leaflets
                                        Y N Many-Leaflets
                                        Y N Leaflet-Aspect-Ratio
                                             Y N Leaflet-Longer-Than-Wide
                                                  Y N Leaflet Length is Twice Width
                                                  Y N Leaflet Length is Three Times Width
                                                  Y N Leaflet Length is Four to Five Times Width
                                                  Y N Leaflet Length is Six to Nine Times Width
                                             Y N Leaflet-As-Wide-As-Long
                                        Y N Leaflet-Tip-Shape
                                             Y N Leaflet-Tip-Group
                                                  Y N Leaflet-Tip-Pointed
                                                  Y N Leaflet-Tip-Rounded
                                        Y N Leaflet-Base-Shape
                                             Y N Leaflet Base Group (includes ALL Leaflet Base Shapes)
                                                  Y N Leaflet Base Angles In Toward Leaflet Stalk
                                        Y N Leaflet-Taper
                                             Y N Leaflet-Widest-Near-Tip
                                             Y N Leaflet-Widest-Near-Center
                                             Y N Leaflet-Widest-Near-Base
                         Y N Leaf-Stalks
                              Y N Leaf-Stalks-Absent
                              Y N Leaf-Stalks-Present
                                   Y N Leaf-Stalks-Winged
                                   Y N Leaf-Stalks-Clasping
                                   Y N Leaf-Stalks-Short
                         Y N Leaf-Hair
                              Y N Leaf-Hair-Group
                                   Y N Leaf-Hair-Absent
                                   Y N Leaf-Has-Hair
                                        Y N Leaf-Hairy
                                        Y N Leaf-Bottom-Haired
                                        Y N Leaf-Edge-Haired
                                        Y N Leaf-Downy
               Y N Leaf Coloration
                    Y N Bottom of Leaf White/Whitish
                    Y N White-Leaves
                    Y N Yellow-Leaves
                    Y N GreyGreen-Leaves
                    Y N Shiny Leaves
               Y N Leaf-Persistence
                    Y N Keeps/Tries-to-Keep Leaves through Winter
                    Y N Sheds Leaves in Winter
               Y N Leaf-Rigidity
                    Y N Leaves-Stiff
          Y N Flowering-Plant-Type
               Y N Herbaceous Plant (Not Woody)
               Y N Vine, Either Woody or Herbateous
                    Y N No-Tendrils
                    Y N Tendrils
               Y N Woody Plants
                    Y N Trees
                         Y N Not-Oak
                              Y N Short-leaf Pine Pinus_echinata (characteristic list)
                              Y N Scrub/Jersey Pine Pinus_virginiana (characteristic list)
                              Y N Pitch Pine Pinus_rigida (characteristic list)
                              Y N Atlantic White Cedar Chamaecyparis_thyoides (characteristic list)
                              Y N Red Cedar Juniperus_virginiana (characteristic list)
                              Y N Grey Birch Betula_populifolia (characteristic list)
                              Y N Red Maple Acer_rubrum (characteristic list)
                              Y N Sassafras sap has spicy smell (boil roots to make tea) Sassafras_albidum (characteristic list)
                              Y N Sweet Bay Magnolia Magnolia_virginiana (characteristic list)
                              Y N Sweet Gum hanging ball seed capsules, not P-Barrens native Liquidambar_styraciflua (characteristic list)
                              Y N Black Cherry not P-Barrens native Prunus_serotina (characteristic list)
                              Y N American Holly, red berries in fall/winter Ilex_opaca (characteristic list)
                              Y N Sour Gum lots of irregularly placed branches & twigs Nyssa_sylvatica (characteristic list)
                         Y N Oaks
                              Y N White Oaks, "Bristle points" absent from leaves
                                   Y N Chestnut Oak Quercus_prinus (characteristic list)
                                   Y N White Oak Quercus_alba (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Post Oak leaves leathery, prominent lateral lobes Quercus_stellata (characteristic list)
                              Y N Red Oaks, Leaves have "Bristle" Points
                                   Y N Black-jack Oak Quercus_marilandica (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Black Oak Quercus_velutina (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Scarlet Oak Quercus_coccinea (characteristic list)
                                   Y N Southern Red Oak Quercus_falcata (characteristic list)
                    Y N Bark
                         Y N Bark-Color
                              Y N Bark Color Black
                              Y N Bark Color Tan/Green
                              Y N Bark Color White/Grey
                              Y N Bark Color Red/Brown
                              Y N Bark Color Brown/Black
                              Y N Bark Color Grey/Brown
                              Y N Bark Color Brown
                         Y N Bark-Texture
                              Y N Bark is Paper-like
                              Y N Bark has Ridges or Grooves
                              Y N Bark is Smooth (Not Rough)
                              Y N Bark appears to be of Plates
                    Y N Buds
                         Y N End-Buds
                              Y N End-Buds-False
                              Y N End-Buds-True
                         Y N Bud-Scales
                              Y N Bud-Scales-Many
                              Y N Bud-Scales-None
                              Y N Bud-Scales-3
                         Y N Bud-Hair
                              Y N Buds-Haired
                              Y N Buds-Hairless
                    Y N Bundle-Scars
                         Y N Bundle-Scar-1
                         Y N Bundle-Scars-3
                    Y N Shrubs
                         Y N Swamp/Clammy Azalea Rhododendron_viscosum (characteristic list)
                         Y N Bayberry, Candleberry Myrica_pensylvanica (characteristic list)
                         Y N Evergreen Bayberry Myrica_heterophylla (characteristic list)
                         Y N Sweet-fern Comptonia_peregrina (characteristic list)
                         Y N Common/Smooth Alder Alnus_serrulata (characteristic list)
                    Y N Woody Plant Twig Characteristics
                         Y N Twig-Hair
                              Y N Twig-Hair-Group
                                   Y N Twigs-Haired
                                   Y N Twigs-Hairless
                         Y N Twig-Color
                              Y N Twigs-Green
                              Y N Twigs-Black
                              Y N Twigs-Gray
                         Y N Pith
                              Y N Pith-Composition
                                   Y N Pith-Solid
                                   Y N Pith-Chambered
     Y N Plant Stem Characteristics
          Y N Stem-Orientation
               Y N Stem Orientation Group
                    Y N Prostrate Plant
                         Y N Main Stem Arches Up From Ground Surface
                    Y N Upright Plant
                         Y N Compressed Stem
          Y N Stem-Branching
               Y N Stem-Branching-Group
                    Y N Stem-Not-Branched
                    Y N Stem-Branched
                         Y N Stem-Minimal-Branching
                         Y N Stem Only Branching Near End
                         Y N Stem-Significant-Branching
          Y N Stem-Hair
               Y N Stem-Hair-Group
                    Y N Stem Not Haired
                    Y N Stem-Haired
                         Y N Stem Haired
                              Y N Stem-Hair-Sticky
                              Y N Stem-Downy
                              Y N Stem-Hair-Color
                                   Y N Stem-Hair-White
                                   Y N Stem-Hair-Not-Black
          Y N Stem-Thickness
               Y N Stem Thickness Group
                    Y N Stem-Thick
                    Y N Stem-Thin
          Y N Stem-Color
               Y N Glaucous-Stems
               Y N WhiteGreen-Stems
               Y N GrayGreen-Stems
               Y N Yel-Org-Stems
                    Y N Yellow-Stems
          Y N Stem-Section
               Y N Stem Cross-section Round
               Y N Stem Cross-section Angled (has flat sides)
                    Y N Stem Cross-section Square
          Y N Stem-Rigidity
               Y N Stem-Rigid
     Y N Habitat
          Y N Habitat Neighborhoods
               Y N Open-Areas
                    Y N Meadows
                    Y N Savanahs
                    Y N Bogs
               Y N Woods
                    Y N Thickets
               Y N Swamps
                    Y N Cedar-Swamps
          Y N Habitat Soil Characteristics
               Y N Soil Particle Size
                    Y N Sandy-Soil
               Y N Soil-Ph
                    Y N Acidic-Soil
               Y N Soil Organic Composition
                    Y N High-Organic-Soil
                    Y N Low-Organic-Soil
          Y N Habitat Moisture Characteristics
               Y N Dry-Areas
               Y N Areas Which Are Neither Wet Nor Dry
                    Y N Low-Areas
                    Y N Transitional
               Y N Wet-Areas
                    Y N Near-Water
                         Y N Moist-Banks
          Y N Habitat Disturbance Characteristics
               Y N Undisturbed-Areas
               Y N Disturbed-Areas
                    Y N Road-Sides
                    Y N Cranberry-Bogs
                    Y N Fields
     Y N Plant Size, Height Above the Surface
          Y N Plant Taller Than Catagories
               Y N Plant Height Greater Than -1000 Feet (An Underground/Underwater Location)
                    Y N Plant Height Greater Than 0 Inches (Above the Surface)
                         Y N Plant Height Greater Than 6 Inches
                              Y N Plant Height Greater Than 12 Inches
                                   Y N Plant Height Greater Than 3 Feet
                                        Y N Plant Height Greater Than 10 Feet
                                             Y N Plant Height Greater Than 20 Feet
                                                  Y N Plant Height Greater Than 40 Feet
          Y N Plant Shorter Than Catagories
               Y N Plant Height Less Than 1000 Feet
                    Y N Plant Height Less Than 60 Feet
                         Y N Plant Height Less Than 40 Feet
                              Y N Plant Height Less Than 20 Feet
                                   Y N Plant Height Less Than 10 Feet
                                        Y N Plant Height Less Than 3 Feet
                                             Y N Plant Height Less Than 12 Inches