Santa Hat Shoot 2014

These are the resulting pictures from the Santa Hat photo shot Nov 28, 2014
DSC9316 DSC9317 DSC9318 DSC9319
DSC9320 DSC9321 DSC9322 DSC9323
DSC9324 DSC9325 DSC9326 DSC9327
DSC9328 DSC9329 DSC9330 DSC9331
DSC9332 DSC9333 DSC9334 DSC9335
DSC9336 DSC9337 DSC9338 DSC9339
DSC9340 DSC9341 DSC9342 DSC9343
DSC9344 DSC9345 DSC9346 DSC9347
DSC9348 DSC9349 DSC9350 DSC9351
DSC9352 DSC9353 DSC9354 DSC9355
DSC9356 DSC9357 DSC9358 DSC9359
DSC9360 DSC9361 DSC9362 DSC9363
DSC9364 DSC9365 DSC9366 DSC9367